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Goal Setting: The Game Plan to Achieve Your Vision - # GoalSet – 195EP02
An effective goal setting course can be the differentiating factor in achieving your vision.  These structured goal setting lessons focus your attention on what matters most for you.  By taking a long-term view and setting SMART goals, you can build a life that is aligned with your priorities.  Whatever your goal may be, mastering goal setting skills will help you achieve desired outcomes.
- Land that dream job
- Achieve financial security
- Take your family on vacation
- Pursue that passion
- Or just finish reading a book!

This Course Will Help You:
- Learn…
- The importance of having a clear vision and the power of having a goal setting plan.
- The skills to set SMART goals, a proven method for maximizing goal setting success.
- Develop…
- Goal setting strategies that you can put in place to ensure success in goal achievement.
- Your specific goals for 2019.
- Practice…
- Participating in goal setting activities that reinforce the core learning principles taught.

The principles of goal setting are the same regardless of the type of goal that you set.  This course can be used for setting personal goals, career goals, financial goals, and everything in between.  Goal setting is a skill, and like any skill you learn, it requires effort and a change of habit.  These goal setting tips will help you set and achieve your goals for today, tomorrow, and beyond.
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Hennepin Technical College
13100 College View Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Classroom: H165
6:00 PM
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Leah Morris
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05/01/2019   6:00PM - 8:00PM Arranged