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Advanced Manufacturing Camp - Machining and Welding - # 17-0711CTAC 5822 – 01
This 18 hour camp will introduce 13 - 17 year old students to manufacturing. Whether you aspire to work in manufacturing or medicine, law or any other field, having a basic understanding of how things are made will make you more appreciative of the world around you and the "tools" you will use in your life: 
 Here's a chance to learn about:
o   computer-aided design (CAD)
o   computer-controlled (CNC) manufacturing operations
o   3D printing and plastic technology
o    machining and fabrication of metals other materials
Design and build a product, experiencing the start-to-finish satisfaction of creating something you can show off with pride. In the process you will learn how to do CAD, CAM, CNC design and operate various kinds of manufacturing machinery under the close supervision of expert manufacturing trainers.

You also will tour local manufacturing facilities to learn what types of jobs exist, what skills and training are required, and how those businesses developed. 
Age Req:
13 - 17
Tu, W, Th 
8:30 AM
S Staff
Registration Cutoff Date:
Beginning Date:
07/11/2017   8:30AM - 4:00PM Saint Paul College - L225 - ( See Map )
07/12/2017   8:30AM - 4:00PM Saint Paul College - L225 - ( See Map )
07/13/2017   8:30AM - 4:00PM Saint Paul College - L225 - ( See Map )