Normandale Community College
Summer Scholars Academy Program (ended)
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The Summer Scholars Academy is designed to help you be successful in college-level courses in the fall and to ease your transition to college. Whether you are an entering college freshman who recently graduated from high school or a student returning to school after time away, this program is designed to be a free alternative to developmental education courses, saving you time and money. Summer Scholars Academy will help ease the transition to college life by providing you the opportunity to build your confidence as a scholar while networking with fellow students and college staff and faculty. 
M, F 
9:00 AM
Contact Hours:
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
7/8/2019   9:00AM - 10:00AM
7/12/2019   9:00AM - 10:00AM
7/15/2019   9:00AM - 10:00AM
7/19/2019   9:00AM - 10:00AM
7/22/2019   9:00AM - 10:00AM
7/26/2019   9:00AM - 10:00AM
7/29/2019   9:00AM - 10:00AM
8/2/2019   9:00AM - 10:00AM