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New Directions in IT Conference with Main Street Agile/DevOps - # 1100049CECT 2204 – 01
2017 New Directions in IT Education: Main Street Agile/DevOps, Cybersecurity, and Analytics Conference is an opportunity to interact with your peers, influence curriculum in Information Technology education, and seek input from industry colleagues on the status of Agile/DevOps, cybersecurity, and data analytics issues. Advance IT Minnesota in Partnership with Winona State University


Advance IT Minnesota and the Winona State University College of Business invites industry professionals and Minnesota State faculty members and academic leaders to convene and explore emerging employer needs, identify specific implications for student learning outcomes, and map out actions that individual faculty and departments can implement.

The Three Themes of the Third Annual New Directions in IT Education Conference:

Enhancing student success in career pathways is critically important to address the need to grow IT talent in Minnesota. The conference will engage community and industry leaders to work on enhancing student preparedness in using Agile/DevOps methodology and to consider challenges in continuous deployment of applications and infrastructure. These include internal applications, security issues, open stack employment, IoT data, emerging technologies, cloud technologies, and web development.

Participants will consider challenges in securing organizations against the latest security threats, and discuss steps to prevent and mitigate breaches. 

Data Analytics
To keep up with the ever-growing amount of data being generated by an increasingly digital world, the conference will engage faculty, government, and industry leaders in a meaningful discussion to address the importance of data analytics in the State of Minnesota.

Post-conference, Advance IT Minnesota will solicit and sponsor one or more collaborative projects related to each theme of this conference (Agile/DevOps, Cybersecurity, Analytics).

Conference Presenters: 

Keynote Speaker: Tom O’Neill, Nerdery, CEO
When Tom O’Neill joined The Nerdery as a programmer in 2004, he soon became a cultural leader at the custom software development company. He launched The Nerdery’s Chicago branch as VP of Development and returned to Minneapolis as COO. In 2013 Tom became The Nerdery’s first President since founding-President Luke Bucklin passed away. Tom took over the role of CEO from Co-Founder Mike Derheim in 2016. Tom personifies The Nerdery’s belief that passionate Nerds are the driving force behind business breakthroughs, and leads a team of 500 software engineers, UX designers, QA engineers and other Nerds whose purpose is to redefine what’s possible through technology. He is a perennial volunteer for The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, a 24-hour event where web pros donate their time and talent to help nonprofit organizations build better websites. Tom is passionately dedicated to furthering The Nerdery’s vision to be the best place in the world for Nerds to work. Tom gave a TEDx Talk in 2014 that he titled, “Willful Ignorance - Never Tell me the Odds.” Tom serves on the Advisory Board of IoTFuse, which unites doers, makers and hackers with executives, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators focused on the Internet of Things.

Keynote Speaker: Charles Betz:
Charlie Betz is a specialist in digital and IT management, focusing on large scale IT operating models and Agile. He is an instructor at the University of St. Thomas and also consults, trains, and advises. He spent 6 years at Wells Fargo as VP and Enterprise Architect for IT Portfolio Management and Systems Management. He has held product owner, architect and analyst positions for AT&T, Best Buy, Target, EMA, and Accenture, specializing in IT management, Cloud, and enterprise architecture. Invited to the IT4IT Consortium Strategy Board, Charlie led the IT4IT transition to an open standard as The Open Group IT4IT Forum. He currently represents Armstrong Process Group to IT4IT and The Open Group. He is part of the first cohort certified for IT4IT Foundation. As an independent researcher and author, he is the author of the forthcoming textbook "Digital: From Startup to Enterprise".

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Pat Paulson, Professor of Management Information Systems, Winona State University College of Business
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8:00 AM
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05/17/2017   12:30PM - 7:00PM Somsen Hall - 322 - Classroom ( See Map )
05/18/2017   8:00AM - 8:15PM Somsen Hall - 322 - Classroom ( See Map )
05/19/2017   7:30AM - 2:00PM Somsen Hall - 322 - Classroom ( See Map )