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D-Day, June 6, 1944: Operation Overlord
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World War II was a cataclysmic event in world history and its bloodiest conflict. Over 60 million people would lose their lives over the six years of the war. Over 16 million Americans fought in the war. This program will focus on the events of June 6, 1944, forever after known as D-Day. On this date the Allied nations launched Operation Overlord, the invasion of France. It was a massive surprise attack, launched in the worst weather. It involved the largest fighting force ever assembled - 2.8 million men standing by, off the coast of Nazi-occupied France. But it began with a few thousand intrepid young American, British and Canadian soldiers who would parachute out of the sky, behind enemy lines or wade through heavy surf into a hail of bullets on the beaches of Normandy, and somehow punch a hole through the tough German defense line; a formidable part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall. This invasion was very costly in terms of human lives, but it would be the beginning of the end of the Nazi occupation of France and would eventually spell the end of Adolf Hitler's dream of world conquest. Less than a year later the allied nations would be victorious in Europe and turn their attention to defeating the Japanese.

This multimedia presentation will use power-point, video, music, drama, role-playing and living history experiences, to give you an understanding of this turning point in history and make it come alive for you.
This presentation includes an extensive static display of maps, posters, clothing and artifacts. The presenter will appear in uniform as a paratrooper of the 101st Airborne. He will exhibit and demonstrate the equipment, gear and weapons of the war, using replicas of the arms used during the conflict. All weapons are non-firing reproductions and cannot be loaded or fired. The speaker does not bring any gunpowder or any other combustibles into the venues where he presents. All artifacts are perfectly safe and harmless.
During part of the program volunteers from the audience will take on the role of soldiers in the war and will participate in a living history experience that will simulate a real-life event experienced by soldiers of the war.
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10/24/2019   1:00PM - 3:00PM