Rochester Community and Technical College
Mike Lynch's "Minnesota Starwatch Program"
#: CBEP   ID: 8101   Section: 49  
Make the stars your old friends and learn how to enjoy the great celestial show in the skies over the Rochester. Learn how to find great Autumn constellations like The Big Bear, Cygnus the Swan, Pegasus the Winged Horse, and some of the celestial treasures among them like Saturn, Jupiter, star clusters, galaxies, and more. You’ll also enjoy some of great constellation mythological soap operas stories.      Mike will bring along giant telescopes for daytime “land gazing.”  Along with visual telescopes he’ll have his  telescope-astronomical camera system. You’ll get a great handout package with user-friendly star maps and constellation charts, websites, a telescope-buying guide, and more! He writes a weekly stargazing column for the Rochester Post Bulletin and is the author of the books; “Mike Lynch’s Minnesota Star Watch” and “Stars, a Month by Month Tour of the Constellations.” Both books will be available for purchase at a discount. Super cool glow in the dark star shirts will also be available for purchase. Even if it’s cloudy you’ll learn a lot and have a great time! Make the Stars Your Old Friends!
Bring to Class:
Bamber Valley School Playground
2001 Bamber Valley Road SW
Rochester, MN
6:30 PM
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
10/25/2019   6:30PM - 8:30PM