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Role of the Supervisor
#: HBPD   ID: 3972   Section: 01  
This course covers the fundamentals of leadership.  Focus is on the professional supervisor, informal leaders, the art of listening to employees, value differences with co-workers, and how behavior impacts teamwork. 
Topics include: relationships, responsibilities and authority, interviewing and orientation, delegation and motivation, and change and discipline.

Intro to Role of the Supervisor
· To Identify the challenges of transitioning from a supervised employee to a supervisory position
· How the role is different from previous position
· Identify barriers and opportunities for success
· Expectation of your co-workers
Team Leadership
· Define the attributes and styles of leadership
· Skills and aptitudes for effective leadership
· Understand the importance of trust
· Identify your leadership style
Team Building
· Tools to develop individuals and your team
· Formation of the team and motivating them to achieve goals
· Define the steps of team building
· Understanding the phases of teams at work
Effective Communications
· Understanding effective communications
· Why communication fails
· Strategies to enhance communication
· Communication techniques
· Active listening skills
· Spoken, non-verbal, and written communications
Conflict Management
· Conflict as a process
· Three types of conflict
· Consequences of unresolved conflict
· An open, and collaborative work environment
· Conflict modes
Motivation and Coaching
· Coaching vs. Mentoring
· Goal setting
· Characteristics and myths of coaching
· Coaching skills
Performance Management
· Performance management defined
· Setting expectations
· Managing your plan
· Evaluating results
· Types of goals
Decision Making
· Team decision-making process
· Common information effect and intervention
· Common pitfalls
· Tools to avoid pitfalls
· Group Think: consensus over outcomes
· Escalation of commitment

Bring to Class:
Remotely from your work location via mediated-telepresence.

Will be held in the Customized Training Building - 1215 15th Street North, St Cloud   MN   56303

Room C-104
Varied Schedule
8:30 AM
Larry Mixon
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02/25/2020   8:30AM - 12:30PM
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