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Moped Training - # CTDE2672 000089 –
This 4.5 hour course includes moped rules and regulations, defensive riding techniques, protective clothing, and alcohol information. Any 15-year-old who wants to ride a moped on the street must complete this course to obtain a moped instruction permit.

Anyone 16 or older who holds either a drivers license or a motorized bicycle permit is eligible to operate a moped on the street.

Legal Info: A moped is a vehicle that is propelled by a motor of a capacity of 50cc or less, and a max of 2 brake horse powers, which is capable of a max speed of not more that 30 mph on a flat surface.
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Bring to Class:
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8:00 AM
Cole Warner
Jack Hayward
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06/24/2017   8:00AM - 12:30PM Transportation Center - Range - Truck Driving Range ( See Map )