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Psychology for Life and Work (in session)
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This course prepares workers to meet the many challenges they face in their personal and career lives. Meeting these challenges and achieving personal goals begins with an understanding of self and others. This course presents psychological principles and how they can be applied in work situations.  In order to succeed in your personal and work life, you must understand the world around you and those who live in it. You must know what motivates you and how your decisions and actions are influenced by things like your attitude and values. This course will help you identify some of the reasons why people including you, behave the way they do.  
You will be able to:
Unit 1 - Identify the role of psychology and the principles of self-concept and personality
Unit 2 - Describe motives, values, senses and perception
Unit 3 - Explain emotions and attitudes
Unit 4 - Describe the psychology of problem solving and effective communication
Unit 5 - Describe how to cope with stress and maintain wellness
Unit 6 - Explore issues of diversity, life-span development and goal achievement  

This course includes the textbook, Personal Psychology for Life and Work, as well as learning guide and exams.
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You can register for this class anytime during the semester.  It is a self-paced correspondence course.
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