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Minnesota Mayhem, Mystery and Moxie, Part 1: A History of Calamitous Events and Unexplained Wonders in the Land of 10,000 Lake
#: CBEP   ID: 9154   Section: 0923202C19  
Turn back the yellowing pages of Minnesota newspapers and explore original accounts of some of the state's worst moments, from the catastrophic to the merely curious: A judge sentences a 15-year-old boy to reform school for stealing a sled (1882). A flu outbreak kills more than ten thousand Minnesotans (1918). Frank Lloyd Wright is arrested at a Lake Minnetonka cottage (1926). A jailed stripper blames her arrest on a wardrobe malfunction (1953). These fascinating stories and more are presented in their original form, along with photos from the Minneapolis Tribune, St. Paul Daily News, Minneapolis Star, the Minnesota Historical Society and other sources.
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