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How I Became a Church Basement Lady
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Since The Church Basement Ladies' shows first opened in September 2005, these shows have played to millions of audience members across the country. What is the secret behind these successful shows? Why do they strike a chord with Lutherans and Catholics alike? And how can the stories, and struggles, of a group of rural Minnesota church ladies in the 50’s and 60’s, be relevant to our lives today? The hugely successful CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES musicals celebrate a group of women charged to live a life of service. When Greta Grosch (an actress and writer from a Lutheran background) made the decision to pursue a career in show business, she wondered, “How can I live a life of service, while still using my gifts?” Over the last decade of working on these shows, she found a surprising answer. Join original cast member and playwright Greta Grosch as she shares the story behind the creation of these successful musicals, and the impact they have had on her life. Everyone loves to hear “backstage stories” – stories about how stage moments were discovered, what happened when things went array, stories of personality struggles and conflict – and this is an opportunity to hear those stories straight from the horse’s mouth. What inspired the “wonder bread bag” boots; who writes the music; do the actors have other jobs? These questions, and others you didn’t even know you had, are answered in this funny, inspirational and interactive presentation.
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