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TEAS Test Preparation Online Course (in session)
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The TEAS (online) Exam Preparation course is designed to help prepare students who are planning on attempting the TEAS VI Nursing Entrance Exam test. The class will review all the major mathematics, science and English language topics covered in the official ATI TEAS VI preparation manual.  Students will have access to 150 lecture videos on relevant topics and will be provided five free e-books for biology, chemistry, and mathematics.  Additional notes and resources will be provided.  D2L will instantly grade the answers and will provide correct answers for missed questions.  This helps students with practicing TEAS VI type online quiz questions in the online environment.

This class will be delivered entirely online with the instructor available for weekly online office hours through ZOOM, D2L chat, phone and email.  Students will have access to the entire content of the course for the entire course duration and are not required to be online at any certain time.
Bring to Class:
SPECIAL NOTICE: You will need Internet connection and an email address.  Approximately one day prior to the start of class, you will receive a user name, password, and login instructions via email to access the D2L Brightspace for CECT system for coursework and chats.

Instructor available for online office hours by appointment through ZOOM video call.

Note that you can work online at any time; disregard timeframe noted in schedule.
Varied Schedule
12:00 AM
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Dates & Times:
11/16/2020   12:00AM - 6:00AM Online
12/20/2020   12:00AM - 6:00AM Online