Winona State University
Core Mastery: Core 24 with Kathy Rollinger - Online - # 00407512CECT 0266 – 01
Do you have a great idea for a new business, but don't know where to start or perhaps you are overwhelmed managing an existing business? Entrepreneurship comes with a variety of challenges.  Those trials are rewarding but are still harsh, nonetheless. Every business owner, even the most experienced ones, must deal with growing pains at some point.  Speed up the learning curve with Core Mastery: Core24 program that will lead you on a path that will ensure growth and longevity for your business.  Core Mastery is an e-learning platform that breaks down the entire business life cycle into 24 essential business concepts, called "Cores."  Learn at your own pace, anytime on any device!  This e-learning platform is supported with monthly 1:1 custom coaching calls with Kathy Rollinger Consulting LLC for 12 months.
Kathy Rollinger