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Basic Rider Motorcycle Course (BRC) - # LENF8315ATCC – Session 13
The Basic Rider Course is beneficial to both new and experienced riders, but experience is not necessary. Training motorcycles are provided. In the Basic Rider Course, you can learn to ride, practice on a training motorcycle, and get your license.   Riders who are 18 years of age or older and have a valid motorcycle permit can earn a motorcycle endorsement upon successful completion of the course.  (We Recommend that you obtain your permit weeks in advance of this course.) Riders younger than 18 years of age who wish to ride a motorcycle are required to take the Basic Rider Course before taking the state motorcycle knowledge (permit) and skill tests.  

The Basic Rider Course is a 14 1/2-hour course that combines practice riding, classroom discussion, and a pre-course homework assignment. The classroom discussion helps prepare you for the on-cycle portions of the course and provides critical knowledge needed for street riding. Topics include protective gear, mind and machine preparation, risk management, rider responsibility, street strategies, special riding situations, and alcohol.  

The riding sessions begin with very basic skills: mounting the motorcycle, identifying the controls, and starting and stopping the engine. Participants then learn clutch and throttle control, riding posture, and the basic skill of straight-line riding, turning, shifting, and stopping. Participants then move on to practice advanced skills such as limited-space maneuvers, countersterring, cornering, and swerving.  

While many participants pass the Basic Rider Course on their first try, it is not uncommon for participants to take the course more than once. Eligibility Requirements  Participants must have a valid driver’s license or permit and be at least 15 years of age. Participants who are under 18 years of age must have their parents sign a waiver form. Participants 18 years of age or older who possess a valid motorcycle permit and successfully complete the Basic Rider Course may take advantage of the State Skill Waiver and receive their motorcycle endorsement.

Participants must furnish their own protective clothing: eye protection, long sleeves, long pants, full-fingered gloves, over-the-ankle  footwear, and DOT-approved helmet. Participants must be able to balance and ride a bicycle. To successfully complete the course, 100 percent attendance is required. Participants must pass the knowledge test and the skill test.

Learn more at the MN Dept of Public Safety's website.
Bring to Class:
You are required to bring and wear a DOT approved helmet, eye protection, full fingered gloves, a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and boots that cover the ankles. Instructors are required to dismiss students who do not bring and use the protective gear.

In most cases, courses will run regardless of the weather conditions; therefore, be prepared for rain, snow, wind, cold, and heat. Bring rain gear and dress in layers for warmth. It is also important to bring plenty of warm/cold beverages to stay well hydrated during the course. You are also welcome to bring snacks since vending machines/food is not available at the site.
8:00 AM
Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach
Registration Cutoff Date:
Beginning Date:
09/09/2017   8:00AM - 4:30PM Main Building - 209 - MGMT CTR 1 ( See Map )
09/10/2017   8:00AM - 4:00PM Main Building - 209 - MGMT CTR 1 ( See Map )