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PTAW Tutorial Library (ended)
#: 10.2020   ID: PTAW-DL20   Section:   
Reacting to the COVID19 pandemic, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College (FDLTCC) transitioned from in-person classes and community events to on-line and/or or distance learning. The forced pivot to online learning also affected the Preservation of Traditional Arts Workshops (PTAW), which, up to this point were largely dependent upon face-to-face interaction. In response, PTAW developed a traditional arts video repository – a library of traditional arts tutorials aimed at preserving the processes and protocols of traditional art forms while developing knowledge and skill through the process of story-telling and demonstration/explanation. Video tutorials allow for hands-on experiential learning while having the added feature of replay (participants can rewind and replay a particular portion of the tutorial as many times as needed). 

This inaugural series reaches across various traditional art forms to offer 3 video tutorial sessions: Lacrosse Stick Making, Split-toe Moccasin Making, and Beaded Earring Making using a Traditional Design. 

Lacrosse Stick Making
In this session, master Artist Tom Howes will walk participants through: material selection, shaping of stick blank, final shaping, and securing the basket. In addition Tom displays a couple basic lacrosse stick techniques for play.

Split-toe Moccasin Making
In this session, master artist, Sarah Howes will discuss how to make split-toe moccasins, pitfalls, tips and resources. She’ll detail: how to make a pattern, sewing the split toe, sewing the toe and vamp together and making the cuffs. 

Beaded Earring Making using a Traditional Design
In this session, master artist, Michelle Defoe will walk participants through the development of a traditional beading pattern turning it into a contemporary pair of earrings. 

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A StarID has 4 letters, 2 numbers, and 4 letters.  (Example: gi7385lj)

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10/1/2020   12:00AM - 1:55PM
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