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Juvenile Justice and Delinquency (in session)
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This course emphasizes the origin, development, organization, functions, and jurisdiction of the Juvenile Justice System in America, with emphasis on the MN Juvenile Justice System. Topic areas include: processes and detention of juveniles; constitutional protections extended to juveniles; case disposition, juvenile statutes and court procedures relative to juvenile offenders, laws and procedures regarding child abuse, child neglect, juvenile records and juvenile court process.

Major Content:

The historical development of delinquency and the juvenile justice system
Juvenile crime: measurement and analysis
Theoretical explanations for juvenile offending
Female delinquency
Schools, school crimes and student rights
Classification of delinquency
Victimization of juveniles
The juvenile justice process
Juveniles and the police
Juvenile court structure and process: intake, diversion, and restorative justice
Legal rights for juveniles: adjudication, disposition and appeal
Juvenile correctional process and institutions
Juvenile parole, group homes, and adoption
Delinquency prevention and treatment for juveniles
Juvenile punishment versus rehabilitation
Child custody: parents versus the state
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