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Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Services Instructor Course (ended)
#: EMSZ1527   ID: 111720   Section: 01-111720  
Topics include: 
Principles and practices of training and education.
Learning theory, adult learning styles, knowledge and skill objectives & lesson plans. 
Students will be working on a presentation and will present it to their peers the 2nd day of class. 
This course is taught in accordance with the DOT National Standard Training Curriculum for the EMS Instructor. 

Bring to Class:
Students must bring a laptop computer each day of class. 

Instructor Qualifications: 
An Emergency Medical Technician Instructor must: 

1. posses a valid certification, registration or licensure as an EMT, AEMT, paramedic, physician, physician assistant or registered nurse. 
2. have 2 years of active emergency medial practical experience. 
3. be recommended by a medical director of a licensed hospital, ambulance service or education program approved by the board. 
4. successfully complete the United States Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Services Instructor Education Program or its equivalent as approved by the board.
5. complete 8 hours of continuing education in education topics every two years with documentation filed with the education program coordinator. 
Tu, W 
8:00 AM
CECT Instructor PTCC
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
11/17/2020   8:00AM - 4:30PM
11/18/2020   8:00AM - 4:30PM