Rochester Community and Technical College
Broadway Trivia Game Show
#: CBEP   ID: 9154   Section: 021420C19  
Join LIFE for a fun afternoon of virtual Broadway Musical Trivia, starring the multi-talented Laurie Helmers.  Whether you're an expert on musicals and know every word to Mama Mia! or just want to spend an entertaining afternoon with friends and tap your toes to great music, this event is for you.  Laurie will lead us on a musical journey as she sings snippets of songs from the Broadway stage.  You (and any team you assemble in your home), will identify the show on your answer sheet from the comfort of your own recliner.  Along the way, you'll learn interesting trivia about the shows and challenge your brain with bonus questions!  And, to top things off, if you and your team have the most correct answers, you'll win a prize!  A game sheet will be sent to you prior to the event! 
Bring to Class:
Online via Zoom, link will be sent via email prior to the class
3:00 PM
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
02/14/2021   3:00PM - 4:30PM