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Faulkner: Mississippi's World Writer
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One of the nation’s greatest writers came from one its least likely states, Mississippi, and William Faulkner’s accepting the 1949 Nobel Prize in literature in Sweden marked an anomaly for citizens of a state that consistently ranks low in education and wealth. Paradoxically, it was out of these ostensibly poor materials that Faulkner forged his bold, innovative work, applying the techniques of Modernism to a largely rural, conservative, and distinctly non-Modernist southern society. This two-part lecture traces Faulkner’s life and career, from his early efforts as a poet to his mature command of fiction. The lecturer, Taylor Hagood, is a native of Ripley, Mississippi, the Faulkner ancestral home, and ranks among the top Faulkner scholars internationally, having authored multiple books and articles, including Faulkner, Writer of Disability, winner of the C. Hugh Holman Award for Best Book in Southern Studies. Hagood brings the enigmatic author to life in these lectures and makes accessible Faulkner’s famously challenging writing.
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