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Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science. Question 5
#: CBEP   ID: 9154   Section: 051421C19  
This series of short courses will provide a friendly introduction to some big questions about science and its role in our lives and society: what it is, how it has changed over time, some philosophical ideas about it, and ways in which we can distinguish “science” from “non-science.” Examples will be drawn from a wide variety of disciplines, including medicine, biology, astronomy, and economics. The individual courses are as follows:
1. Is absolute (scientific) knowledge possible? (Sep)
2. What is the scientific method? (Nov)
3. How do scientific theories change over time? (Jan)
4. Is scientific progress possible? If so, how?  (Mar)
5. What is the difference between science and non-science?  (May)
While the courses are designed as a sequence, each course can be taken independently of any other.
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Online via Zoom, link will be sent via email prior to the class
10:00 AM
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5/14/2021   10:00AM - 12:00PM