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Appomattox, the Ending of the Civil War and the Realization of Emancipation
#: CBEP   ID: 9154   Section: 051921C19  
Brought about by a decisive military campaign, in which General Ulysses S. Grant's Federal troops out marched and out fought General Robert E. Lee's Confederates, the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865 was the beginning of the end of the American Civil War. The surrender of Lee's army brought about the realization of Emancipation to enslaved people throughout Virginia while Grant's lenient terms largely set the tone for the ultimate reunion of the nation. Within two months of Lee's surrender, the remaining Confederate armies had laid down their arms and the promise of President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation could finally be enforced throughout former Confederate territory.
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