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I've taken the pill, now what?
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In 2020, Americans filled 4.55 billion prescriptions at a cost of $358,700,000. The average number of prescriptions filled increases with age, from 13 for those age 50 to 64 to 22 for those age 80 and older.
As we take our daily regimen of prescribed doses, how many times do we think "Just what happens when I take this? How does it get to the headache, the blood pressure, the cholesterol, or the infection in my foot?" These questions can be answered by the disciplines of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. We will follow the drug as it gets absorbed into the body, distributed to the sites where it has effects, metabolized to active or inactive substances, and eliminated from the body. We also look at the many factors affecting these processes. Why do some people react adversely or do not react therapeutically?  We will also learn "pearls" of knowledge from the standpoint of a clinical pharmacist. Will I become addicted to opiates if I take them after surgery? Why can't I just take all these pills in the morning instead of having to take a dose twice daily? Can I believe the never-ending ads on TV or the internet? Can we assume all drugs are safe and effective? What about supplements?

NOTE: This class has been changed to two hours in length; 1-3 pm.
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8/17/2021   1:00PM - 3:00PM