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Power in the Wilderness: The story of a frontier mining village’s heroic fight against the world’s biggest corporation and the
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Victor Power was an Irish-American lawyer in the Mesabi Iron Range village of Hibbing during the dawning years of the 20th Century. Using hard-won guile he united a small town of mostly foreign-born immigrants for a legal and political battle against U.S. Steel, then the biggest corporation in the world. By taxing the mines, Power turned a mining camp ruled by the company into a progressive village with magnificent parks and infrastructure. However, Power paid a price for his politics while American industry demanded more and more iron from the land around Hibbing. “Power in the Wilderness,” a new book by Aaron Brown, and a podcast produced by Brown and New York filmmaker Karl Jacob, tells the origin story of American corporate power and how its tussle with Vic Power in the woods of northern Minnesota informs the issues and controversies of modern times.
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