Dakota County Technical College
MN Commercial Vehicle Re-Certification
#: TDTH   ID: 1426   Section: 109  
All certified Minnesota Commercial Vehicle Inspectors must be recertified every two years if they wish to continue as certified inspectors. You cannot attend the recertification class if:  your certification has been expired for more than six months,  If your certification is under revocation,  If you have already attended and failed a recertification class Please have the following information available before you register for this class: 1) Inspector's home address and personal phone number (required by the MN State Patrol as a second point of contact); enter this information on the Student Profile 2) Inspector certification number 3) Employer's address and phone number 4) County in which the inspector performs inspections.
Bring to Class:
Class begins at 8 am and is held in the Public Safety Building directly across the street from Dakota County Technical College. The number on the Building is 1367. 

8:00 AM
Duane Amundson
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
10/5/2021   8:00AM - 4:00PM Training Center North - Room A