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Dinosaurs, Elephants, and Kids: Demystifying (and Curing) Cancer
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What do you know about cancer? Did you know that in their long-ago day, dinosaurs got cancer? And that dogs, sharks, cows, and parakeets get cancer?

For most people, cancer is a mysterious and fearsome condition. This emotionally based response means that social stigmas are often tied to a cancer diagnosis. However, at its core, cancer is a disease caused by mutations in a cell’s DNA. In fact, the same mechanisms of DNA mutation that lead cells to become cancerous are the drivers of evolution. Therefore, cancer risk may be considered to be part of our evolutionary legacy. Moreover, few people realize that advances in cancer research and treatment are allowing millions of people and animals to lead healthy and fulfilling lives as cancer survivors.  According to Dr. Jaime Modiano of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and Masonic Cancer Center, the biological and evolutionary foundations for why and how cancer happens across the animal kingdom are key to this research.

Join us when Dr. Modiano explains how breaking through the evolutionary lifespan barrier affects cancer risk, allowing scientists to not only demystify the condition, but also develop effective approaches to prevent and cure cancer in humans and companion animals alike.
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9/27/2021   1:00PM - 2:30PM