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MSHA New Miner Training Virtual Classroom (Online)
#: MSHA-9301   ID: 2022   Section: 0405  
Important and required training for mining work.

This is a 24 hour course utilizing online video conferencing for live course instruction & interaction.

The training taught in this course is required for anyone in traditional mining operations (developing, drilling, blasting, milling, extracting, etc.) as well as maintenance and service workers who are regularly operating mining equipment. Construction workers who are exposed to the hazards of mining operations on a regular basis are also required to take this federally mandated training. CBI will develop a customized version of this education and training for area businesses and deliver it onsite for their employees.

New Miner class is only designed to cover Part 46 and part 48b (surface) operations. If it is going to be used as part of an underground New Miner program there will still need to be 8 hrs of underground specific classroom training that the company will have to provide/contract for, as well as provisions made to get 8 additional hours of training in an actual underground operation.

If you require an experienced miner or an underground refresher, please contact Robert Weston;

This course is designed to meet the federal training requirements of 30 CFR (MSHA) parts 46 and 48.

Course Requirements:
1.  High speed internet access
2.  Computer or video conferencing system with webcam and microphone(built-in or external).

Bring to Class:
  • Zoom connection information will be emailed a few days before the class
  • Click here for Zoom virtual classroom information and requirements
  • Click here for MSHA online class guidelines

Varied Schedule
8:00 AM
Contact Hours:
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
4/5/2022   8:00AM - 4:30PM Online
4/6/2022   8:00AM - 4:30PM Online
4/7/2022   8:00AM - 4:30PM Online