Rochester Community and Technical College
Placement of Non-Surgical Retraction Materials for Gingival Displacement
#: AH   ID: 9178   Section: 100921  
Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the dental assistant will:
  1. state the legal aspect of placing and removing suture material
  2. define gingival retraction
  3. state the purposes and uses of gingival retraction
  4. name and describe the types of gingival retraction
  5. define hemostasis, astringents and hemostatic 
  6. name and describe the common astringents and hemostatic agents used for gingival retraction
  7. describe and explain the use of the various forms of retraction cord, retraction pastes and compression caps
  8. describe retraction cord packing instrument
  9. identify crown preparation finish lines/margins
  10. describe correct retraction cord placement
  11. list and describe the steps for gingival retraction employing mechanical and chemical retraction techniques
  12. describe patient/operator safety for suture removal
  13. describe single and double retraction cord techniques and explain when each is used
  14. remove sutures in a laboratory setting
  15. Correctly Document The Procedure.

Bring to Class:
RCTC Heintz Center: Room HC222
Participants should bring safety glasses and a lab coat/warm-up jacket to class. 
9:00 AM
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Dates & Times:
10/9/2021   9:00AM - 11:00AM