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A Love Affair With Birds: the Life of Thomas Sadler Roberts
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T.S. Roberts came to Minnesota in 1867 as a boy. His fascination with birds emerged early as he roamed the oak savannah south of Minneapolis, the tamarack swamp by Glenwood Springs, and the passenger pigeon colony at Lake Johanna. But he became a physician instead of studying birds. His patients included the elite of Minneapolis milling community. In particular, he shared an interest in natural history with Jim Bell. When Bell asked if he would direct a new Museum of Natural History at the university, Roberts leaped at the chance. Roberts then embarked on a second illustrious career as the first ornithology professor in Minnesota, and the author of the spectacular “Birds of Minnesota.” Rich with the natural history of early Minnesota, full of tidbits of Roberts's long and sociable life, the course will describe a 1890s general medical practice, birding jaunts to outstate Minnesota, and the making of the Bell Museum of Natural History at the U of M. Rochester connection: Roberts referred people to Mayo and accompanied them to the clinic on the train. He was a personal friend of Will Mayo and had a meal at their house when he was in town.
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