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Senior University: “BOGIE”: The Establishment and Development of a Film Persona (in session)
#: 4300001   ID: CECT 0301   Section: 62  
This course will trace the film career of Humphrey Bogart as an example of how the classic Hollywood movie system developed a screen persona. It will focus on five of Bogart’s best-known films covering the period 1941-1954. Bogart’s work with different 
directors, in various genres, and in various film formats will be discussed briefly. Its objective is to educate the class about the 
system’s reliance on the movies’ audiences’ expectations about an iconic actor—such as Bogart, Chaplin, Monroe—but also its manipulation of those expectations over time.

David Robinson is a Professor Emeritus at Winona State.  He taught in the English department from 1971-2008, teaching composition, literature, and film at all levels from Freshman to graduate. He gave and published papers in both English and film studies. In addition, he was for many years the film reviewer for the Winona Post, writing for a popular audience in the Winona area. 
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The course will be delivered completely on campus in-person - Science Laboratory Center Auditorium 120


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