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Senior University: The Beatles and Us
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This offering, facilitated by a 30-year WSU faculty member who happens also to be a lifelong Beatles fan, will provide an opportunity for class members to reflect on their own relationship with the Beatles, arguably the most popular and influential band of all time. Whether reminiscing as a fan or seeking initial information about the group, there will be something here for all comers. 

The course will be taught by Tim Hatfield, Counselor Education Emeritus, who for eight months during the pandemic sent out notes to family and friends about Beatles songs – daily “Beatles Uplifts” – with the express intention of helping the recipients cope with the uncertainty and anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic. The goal was to provide a brief uplifting respite from the relentless stress and worry so omnipresent during the pandemic. Every Beatles song from their earliest demos to Abbey Road was featured in an essay.  A book grew out of the 260 essays – When We Find Ourselves in Times of Trouble: The Beatles (available through Amazon) – which forms the groundwork for this course.
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