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Senior University: Fossils of the Driftless Area
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The Driftless Area of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa escaped much of the scouring and sediment deposition caused by continental glaciers during the last Ice Age. Consequently, the region preserves a rich fossil record that stretches from 500-million-year-old ocean floor communities to 10,000-year-old mammoths and mastodons. This course surveys the animals and environments preserved in the fossil record of the Driftless Area. Classes will be a mix of lectures and hands-on activities. The course will include a half-day weekend field trip.

Lee Beatty has been a member of the WSU Geoscience Department faculty since 2008 and teaches several Earth history and paleontology courses. He received his PhD in paleontology in 2003, with a focus on invertebrate predator/prey ecological interactions in the fossil record. His recent work involves the fossil ecosystems of the dinosaur-rich Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota.
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