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Senior University: Philosophy of Religion
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This course is an introduction to some of the core concepts and issues in the Philosophy of Religion. We will cover the relationship between philosophy and religion, the concept and nature of God, arguments for and against God’s existence, theodicies and the Problem of Evil, reason and faith, and death and the afterlife. 

David Speetzen is an associate professor in the Philosophy Department at Winona State University, and he has been teaching Philosophy of Religion there for years now. He loves the subject, in part because his first exposure to philosophy was through the lens of religion, and religious thinkers in Catholic middle school and high school. Like a lot of people, he was preoccupied with questions about whether God exists, what heaven and hell are like, and why there is so much suffering in the world if God is good. His fascination with religion continues, and he is eager to share the insights, answers, and puzzles he has come across in studying the Philosophy of Religion. 
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