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Alan Villiers – Man of the Sea
#: CBEP   ID: 9154   Section: 1017222C19  
Australian native Alan Villiers first went to sea on a sailing ship at age 15. He spent long periods at sea on sailing ships for the rest of his life. A talented photographer and writer, he documented the end of that era when commercial sailing ships all but disappeared prior to World War II. After serving with distinction in the British Navy in that war, he remained one of the best-known maritime authors in the world, still having further adventures under sail. He produced an amazing total of 44 books on the subject, and many articles and TV documentaries as well. This class will cover his amazing life and his love affair with those great tall ships, all gone now except for a few still surviving as museum pieces or training ships.
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1:00 PM
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10/17/2022   1:00PM - 3:00PM