Holiday Joy: Russian Winter Celebrations followed by Mother Love: Mary and Jesus in Russian Visual Culture
#: CBEP    ID: 9154    Section: 121322C19
Part One:
In the darkness of the northern winters, holidays took on special meaning.  From the celebration of Christmas through the festivities of New Year, the development of these depended much on the cultural and political context. Trace this history in a reprisal of art and crafts that has made this Russian holiday season distinct.                       

Part Two:
Known variously as The Madonna or the Our Mother, the most important woman in Christianity is Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Russian culture demonstrates a deep affection for her and a special connection to icons that are gateways to her spiritual reality.  Over twenty-three versions of her in icon form exist.  Exploring her presence through these icons, especially in the ones relating to the Nativity season, is another window into understanding the people who were devoted to her.
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