Bringing Dayton’s Original Christmas Displays Back To Life
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Bill and his family rescued and restored some of the Dayton’s Christmas display characters, and brought them back to life.  “It began in the 1960’s when his parents would take him to Dayton’s 8th floor holiday display in downtown Minneapolis. Much like many other people it was a big deal to go downtown and have a dinner in a restaurant and then go to the 8th floor and walk through these marvelous exhibits.” Little did he know that some of those exhibits that he loved so much would one day end up in his dining room. When Macy’s decided to close the store in 2016, everything inside had to go, including the Dayton’s characters. He immediately went down there and the goal was to pick up just one piece so his family could have it staged in their house. He ended up with much more than he bargained for. Many of the displays were damaged and nearly destroyed, so they were cheap. Ewald got a vision of what they once were and what they could become. He bought piece after piece knowing it meant repair after repair. Come see and hear about his work in bringing the characters back to life.  Questions are encouraged!
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12/14/2022   6:00PM - 7:30PM