MSHA New Miner Training Virtual Classroom (Online)
#: MSHA-9301    ID: 2023    Section: 0411
Important and required training for mining work.

This is a 24 hour course utilizing online video conferencing for live course instruction & interaction.

Individuals engaged in the extraction or production process, or regularly exposed to mine hazards, or contracted by mining companies and regularly exposed to mine hazards, must receive comprehensive training, starting with New Miner Training. "Regularly exposed" means either frequent exposure, that is exposure to hazards at the mine on a frequent rather than consecutive day basis (a pattern of recurring exposure), or extended exposure of more than 5 consecutive workdays, or both. The New Miner training taught in this class satisfies MSHA training requirements for the classroom portions of New Miner and is either delivered in an “open enrollment” environment or in an individualized, company/organization specific environment. Several of the “open enrollment” options are virtual classes and any contracted training can be delivered virtually, upon request.

The New Miner “open enrollment” class is only designed to cover Part 46 and part 48b (surface) operations (24hrs). If  those 24hrs are going to be used as part of an underground New Miner program (40 hrs.), approval will need to be obtained from the MSHA District office prior to the start of the class. Additionally, there will need to be 8 hrs of underground specific classroom training that the company will have to provide/contract for, as well as provisions made to get 8 additional hours of training in an actual underground environment for a total of 40 hrs.

If you require an experienced miner or an underground refresher, or have any other questions please contact Robert Weston;

This course is designed to follow the federal training requirements set forth in Title 30 CFR (MSHA) parts 46 and 48.

Class Materials Provided: Federal Metal & Nonmetallic Mine Training, Safety & Health Standards 30 CFR, For Surface & Underground Mines, Fourteenth Edition 
- Your copy will be mailed out approximately 5 days before the first class date.  If you choose to cancel your registration after the class materials have been mailed you will incur a $20.00 Cancellation Fee to cover the cost of the materials.

Course Requirements:
1.  High speed internet access
2.  Computer or video conferencing system with webcam and microphone(built-in or external).

Bring to Class:
  • Zoom connection information will be emailed a few days before the class.
  • Click here for Zoom virtual classroom information and requirements
  • Click here for MSHA online class guidelines
  • Your copy of the Federal Metal & Nonmetallic Mine Training, Safety & Health Standards 30 CFR, For Surface & Underground Mines, Fourteenth Edition 

Tu, W, Th 
8:00 AM
Contact Hours:
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
4/11/2023   8:00AM - 4:30PM
4/12/2023   8:00AM - 4:30PM
4/13/2023   8:00AM - 4:30PM