Dressed for Freedom: The Politics of Fashion in American History
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What is the connection between fashion and women's rights? How pockets, skirts, and bras became political statements? How does fashion function in our political system? This talk will examine how fashion became a tool to express and challenge gender, race, and class identities during the long twentieth century, and how women used fashion to advance their political agendas - from the suffragists to today's politicians. Learn how American women employed new clothing styles to expand feminist activism beyond formal participation in political organizations and movements. From 1890s shirtwaists to the miniskirts of the 1960s, from the flapper's skirts to the unisex styles of the 1970s, the talk will reveal the importance of clothing and appearance in struggles for freedom and equality and why clothes matter.
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Online via Zoom, link will be sent via email prior to the class
1:00 PM
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3/15/2023   1:00PM - 2:00PM