Art Crime: Looting and Destruction of the World’s Ancient Treasures
#: CBEP    ID: 9154    Section: 052323C19
Join Robert Wittman on his journey around the world as the Senior Investigator and founder of the FBI National Art Crime Team – catching and convicting the tomb robbers, thieves, looters, and criminals who are the financial engine of the international illicit artifact industry.  During this interactive talk, Mr. Wittman lifts the veil of government secrecy about tomb robbers in Peru smuggling through Miami, the recovery of stolen artifacts taken from the Baghdad Museum during the Iraq War, and the destruction of ancient artifacts by ISIS and the Taliban. This seminar is ripped from the front pages of today’s newspapers.  Led by an expert on art fraud, award-winning author, and former FBI agent, Robert K. Wittman, this interactive seminar will explore the multi-billion-dollar industry surrounding modern-day treasure hunting. Join us to hear about his illustrious career in the FBI National Art Crime Team and the many national treasures he has rescued from destruction and stealth.
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1:00 PM
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5/23/2023   1:00PM - 2:30PM