The Human Calling: Three Thousand Years Of Eastern And Western Philosophical History
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The Human Calling is a vigorously researched and profoundly spiritual narrative history of the world’s religious movements as they relate to society’s collective understanding of the duties they have to fellow people and looks ahead to what lessons from history can be applied as people navigate a technological age.  Focusing on the rise and fall of spiritual movements in both the East and West, The Human Calling examines what the world’s major religions have historically offered, asks what people are here for outside of pure survival, and makes the persuasive argument for Christianity as the best leader to guide individuals on the path toward better caring for one another―our human calling. The Human Calling takes readers through humanity’s three great thought movements:  The first is the Axial Age, the source of the first great human reflection on public spirit and public order.  The second is the 12th-17th centuries, wrestles with the question of whether people can attain individual rationality in God’s order.  The third delves into the independent reasoning societies of the 20thand 21st centuries and looks forward to what people want their third great reflection on God’s plan to be during their own period of societal flux.
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