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Introduction to Medical Terminology (5th Edition) - # AH9336 – 70
This course is designed to help you increase your medical vocabulary knowledge base and to work more effectively with medical vocabulary on your job. You will have the opportunity to learn an interesting and effective word-building method that facilitates learning medical vocabulary, understanding medical word definitions, and spelling medical words correctly. Each chapter builds on the knowledge gained in the previous material to assist the student in learning word roots, prefixes and suffixes used in all medical words. Various knowledge checks and quizzes are provided to help gauge and reinforce your mastery of the material. 1. The course is available 24/7 via web access 2. After payment, you will receive a User ID to access the course  3. You will have 16 weeks to complete the course, which consists of 11 modules  4. To successfully complete the course you must achieve a 75% or better on each chapter quiz.  Upon successful completion, you can print a Certificate of Completion. You are responsible for obtaining the required textbook for the course (available through most national retail book stores): Medical Terminology, Simplified; Gylys; F.A. Davis, Fifth (5th) Edition; Piliadephia, PA, 2010; ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-3971-3.  PLEASE NOTE: This is a self-paced that doesn't include instructor interaction.

Classes are offered quarterly and registrations will be taken at any time during that quarter.  For more information, call 507-280-3157.
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