St. Cloud State University
2018 MnCCECT Conference - # MnCCECT May 2018 – 01
Registration is a 2-step process.
  1. Conference registration through St. Cloud State University
  2. Room/Meal Package Registration through Breezy Point Resorts (A PDF form is located on the MnCCECT Conference website).

MnCCECT purposes are:
  • To promote, advance, and support the expansion of Continuing Education and Customized Training for our Minnesota State institutions statewide.
  • To build collaborations and partnerships which promote economic development, workforce training, and community service at the local, state, regional, and national levels.  This is done by providing opportunities to collaborate annually with our staff in our enterprise sectors and CE/CT regions. 
  • To provide professional development and opportunities for its members to develop further in their roles within the Minnesota State System.
  • To develop and advocate standards of quality and best practices for continuing education and business partnerships through innovative and scalable solutions.
  • To influence Minnesota State policy related to CE/CT
  • To serve as a forum for professional networking and discussion of education, training, and workforce development issues in Minnesota.
  • To utilize existing Minnesota State infrastructure and resources to expand and deliver CE/CT educational products and services.
Cost is only $39 per person for conference this year which includes a Dinner Cruise!! 

The conference has been significantly subsidized by Minnesota State to ensure that the majority of CECT staff will attend.  Name goes into drawing for prize for those registered by March 1st, 2018!  Room/Meal Package registration through Breezy Point Resorts (a PDF form is located on the MnCCECT Conference website).
Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Wednesday, Thursday; Breakfast on Friday
  • AM and PM coffee breaks with snacks and sodas
  • Unlimited golf on our Traditional Golf with carts
  • Tennis
  • Unlimited use of the indoor pool & recreation area & beaches
Accommodations:  Do not Contact Breezy Point Resorts directly ... Participants need to use the PDF form located on the MnCCECT Conference website.

Bring to Class:

Cancellation Policy:

  • Non-refundable 30 days prior
Varied Schedule
8:00 AM
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
05/02/2018   8:00AM - 7:00PM Breezy Point Resort - Main Entry
05/03/2018   7:30AM - 8:00PM Breezy Point Resort - Main Entry
05/04/2018   7:30AM - 12:00PM Breezy Point Resort - Main Entry