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Conflict Resolution - # HBPD3981 – 02
Conflict is a fact of life.  Both at work and in our personal lives, all of us encounter difficult people and challenging situations.  Given how much conflict surrounds us, it is important to understand the nature of conflict and to realize there are tools to manage it effectively.
The central message of this training is that conflict management / resolution should be a mutual enterprise aimed at finding solutions that doesn’t devastate either party or cause anyone to lose face.  This means engaging others of finding solutions that work for everyone.
Objective, simply stated:  Increase your skills in dealing with conflicts in the workplace, including how to respond when the conflict occurs within your own work team.
Note:  In this type of soft skills class, it is important to practice.  Content will include a small amount of presentation/lecture to introduce concepts, small group exercises and videos to reinforce.
Bring to Class:
Complete pre-conflict assessment.
A link will be provided upon registration.
Survey must be completed prior to the course and results should be provided to instructor in advance.
1:00 PM
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
06/13/2018   1:00PM - 4:30PM Training Center/President's Office - C-134 ( See Map )