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Harvest Dinner: The USS Ward - Minnesotans Fire the First Shot in the Pacific War - # CBEP8101 – 244
The presenter is Mr. Arn Kind, a teacher of 40 years, who will come in costume to relate an important historical event where Minnesotans, our ancestors, were key players in making history.

Less than a year before America entered into the Second World War, a bunch of young Minnesotans joined the U.S. Navy.  After their training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center and other locales, these men were shipped off to serve their country.  Imagine their excitement at finding out that they would be stationed at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Island of Oahu!

Anticipation of the beautiful tropics with beautiful hula girls filled their heads.  They could not believe that they were going to get paid for serving as sailors in this tropical paradise!  Their excitement was soon tempered when the daily chores of ship-board life started to take some of the joy out of the tropics.

These Minnesotans proved to be excellent sailors who were proud to serve on the destroyer U.S.S. Ward.  They kept the vessel ship-shape and proved them selves to able sea-men. The crew of the U.S.S. Ward often was assigned sentry duty outside the entrance to the Pearl Harbor Naval Base.  Their job was to keep the harbor secure by making certain that only authorized U.S. vessels entered the harbor.

Upon the approach of a vessel, the signal-man on the Ward would use his signal lamps to acertain the identity of every ship and determine whether or not to allow the ship to pass into the harbor.
The sailors found the routine of this daily patrol to be pretty mundane and down-right mind-numbingly boring.  Boring, that is, until the early morning hours of December 7, 1941, when their lives would be changed forever.  It was on this day the crew of the U.S.S. Ward spotted a submarine trying to sneak in to the harbor entrance.  The events that followed and the way the crew of the Ward reacted to them would earn all of them a place in the history books.

Come, hear and see the events of December 7, 1941 play out before you as Arn Kind brings this exciting historical event to life.  The action starts on Thursday, October 25th  at 6:30 p.m. after the Harvest Dinner.    Fee includes dinner (turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, corn, dinner rolls, coffee, dessert).   Registration Deadline: Wed, October 18.      

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