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Minnesota in the Great War (WWI) - # CBEP8101 – 271
2017 was the 100th anniversary of the America's entry into the Great War, now known as World War I. To commemorate it, Historical Experiences, Inc. presents MINNESOTA IN THE GREAT WAR, an exciting living history program that comes to you to entertain you while you learn all about "The War to End All Wars."

The First World War, which for America, lasted only 19 months involved more than 100,000 men from Minnesota. They served in the army, navy, marine corps and medical corps. Of that number more than 1,400 were killed in battle or fatally wounded. Another 2,000 died of disease; many from the flu epidemic which broke out during the war. In this presentation participants will learn:
  • the causes of the war
  • why and how America got involved
  • strategies used to win the war
  • the uniform, weapons, equipment and the life of the typical Minnesota soldier or "Doughboy."
  • the role women played in the war
  • the new technologies that were introduced during the war. Technologies like the airplane, the submarine, the tank, and the introduction of lethal gas on the battlefield made the Great War the first "industrial war." Minnesotans found themselves on battlefields and on seas that were far more lethal than anything that had come before.
  • how the end of the war would make the United States a world power, but it would plant the seeds that would lead to the Second World War.
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RCTC Heintz Center, Room HB117
1926 Collegeview Road SE
Rochester, MN 55904
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10:00 AM
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11/08/2018   10:00AM - 12:00PM Heintz Center B - 117 ( See Map )
11/08/2018   1:00PM - 3:00PM Heintz Center B - 117 ( See Map )