Rochester Community and Technical College
Online Quality Series (4 online modules) - # OD9808 – 01
This course is designed to develop concepts of solving problems using the Plan Do Study Act model.  The course will provide an overview of the theoretical and conceptual background needed to develop the thinking skills necessary for making effective improvements in the workplace.  The course emphasizes the importance of using the four-phased model of PDSA.  Throughout the course, learners will gain in-sights on how to lead problem-based improvements, perform root cause analysis (RCA), make decisions and implement plans. 

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to: 
  • Conduct root cause analusis (RCA) on problems
  • Identify, plan and resolve high-priority issues using PDSA
  • Understand and proactively  manage risks and opportunities
  • Ask the right questions to find hidden insight.
Classes in this series include:
  • Plan Do Study Act
  • Lean in the Workplace
  • Structured Problem Solving for Leaders
  • Managing Performance Using Leader Standard Work
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12:00 AM
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07/01/2018   12:00AM - 11:55PM Online - Register Anytime
06/30/2019   12:00AM - 11:55PM Online - End Date