Rochester Community and Technical College
Intro to Lean for Front Line Staff - # OD9820 – 01
As a key member of your organization, you are being asked to work faster, work longer, and get more done with fewer resources. Instead of having to continuously be stressed to achieve your performance goals, perhaps there is a better way to get more done in a more efficient manner. The implementation of Lean methodologies and various continuous improvement tools can be the solution you are looking for. Implementing Lean philosophies and tools will show you an alternative way to improve your work efficiency and productivity by eliminating waste and identifying more effective ways to get things done. The best part about the implementation of the Lean philosophies and continuous improvement tools is utilizing the knowledge and experience of the experts, you and your peers, to perform consistent work each day, identify and solve problems, and fix errors so they don't occur again. This course will provide you with the basic concepts and tools to understand the importance of Lean, the history of its implementation, and how the concepts can be utilized to alleviate the burden of working faster, harder, and longer. Join us for this course to learn more about ways to improve how you view your daily work.
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2:00 PM
Josh Halverson
Rob Ronnenberg
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Dates & Times:
01/30/2019   2:00PM - 4:00PM Heintz Center A - 110 ( See Map )