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Project management Skills for Life
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Everything in life is a project! 

Learning project management skills early will greatly benefit one for life.  A special program, "Project Management Skills for Life", is a joint outreach program by the Northern Star Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute Education Foundation.  This course is now available for youth ages 13-20 years old.  Two levels of courses are offered each year.  An "Introduction" level and a "Fundamental" level.  There is no prerequisite to either level and no requirement to already be or become a Scout.  The "Fundamental" level is more in depth than the "Introduction" course.  The "Fundamental" class also includes a NOCTI ( Digital Badge assessment, which is a great credential for building youth's resume for college and job applications.  

Students should leave knowing how to: 
- Create and follow a plan
- Break big jobs into smaller tasks
- Prioritize activities
- Create a backup plan... "Plan B" 
- Get the job DONE! 
Bring to Class:
Classroom: L560

*Lunch is included with this course* 
Age Req:
13 - 20
8:00 AM
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
07/27/2019   8:00AM - 4:00PM