Rochester Community and Technical College
Create Employee Engagement that Gets Results - # OD9819 – 02
Raising employee engagement yields great results for organizations – lower turnover, improved safety, higher quality, higher growth and a stronger bottom line. All of the studies show a strong correlation between high levels of employee engagement and great results. Learn how to implement or revitalize an employee engagement effort in your own organization. You will walk out of this course with the armed with knowledge to:

•    Convince influencers in your organization that employee engagement offers an attractive ROI and should be a top priority
•    Understand how an effective employee engagement process works
•    Identify the top drivers of engagement
•    Apply best practices when it comes to creating a culture of engagement

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2:00 PM
Bob Randall
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Dates & Times:
03/06/2019   2:00PM - 4:00PM