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Red Wing Motorcycle Training

Basic Rider Course, Intermediate Rider Course, and Moped Training


Commonly Asked Questions:

Does a student need to have a motorcycle? 
No. In the basic class, students may bring their own motorcycle provided it is registered as a motorcycle and not a moped, is street legal with an engine displacement of 500 cc or less with an unladen  weight of 400 pounds or less, passes a T-CLOCS inspection, and is insured. The state does provide training bikes which are between  125 cc and 250 cc. (In the advanced class, they must ride their own  motorcycle that is street legal and has proof of insurance.) The moped class is classroom only, no moped is needed. 

What do I do if I am going to miss part of a class? 
Participation is 100% mandatory and you cannot miss any part of the  class.

Where do I go to take the motorcycle permit test? 
Go to the nearest state exam station to take the written permit test

Who can take the BRC? 
Anyone who possesses a valid driver's permit or a driver's license.

My permit has expired can I still take the course? 
Yes. You can still get your license if the permit has been expired for less than one year and you have not tested on it since the expiration.

Do I need my motorcycle permit to take the BRC? 
No. You only need a driver's license or driver's permit to take the basic class; however, if you want to earn a motorcycle endorsement through the class, Minnesota drivers must be 18 or older and have a valid motorcycle permit. Wisconsin and North Dakota residents do not need a permit to take the course for endorsement.

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