Nursing Assistant Course
Nursing Assistant Course
Introduces concepts of basic human needs, health/illness continuum, and basic nursing skills in long-term care and/or home care environments. Instruction consists of a classroom or online setting, and skills labs.
Skills are taught in a simulated laboratory setting utilizing demonstration and role-playing.
Course format: Hybrid (Day 1 on campus at 9am and labs on campus 2-3 days a week) Subject to change
The course meets the objectives of the federal and state statutory requirements for nursing assistant training.


  • Must be a minimum of 16 years of age to register

  • Students should be fluent English speakers

Important: The class you are registering for must meet the requirements for cohort size in order for it to run.  In the event of very low enrollment and when no other resource is available, the class will be canceled or rescheduled to a later date. You will be notified through email of such change.

Cancelation Policy:
If you need to withdraw from a class and you notify us at least three business days before the class starts, you will receive a credit or refund of the course fee.  Please notify Meriem Aman via email at: for cancelations.  
No refunds or transfers allowed if you notify us less than three business days before the class starts.
Your Charge for this class will appear on your credit card statement as Minnesota State Colleges.

Campus Closures

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